Missing fulfillment?
I will help you to bring more ease and joy into your life.

Chakra up Your Life!


“I want many people to realize that they are not victims of their lives, that life is not their enemy or anything one have to go through , but that they feel as creators.

That they recognize that with a mindset and an energy system that strengthens and supports them, they can make massive positive changes to their lives.

Because old patterns, energies from the environment or experiences brought with them from past life no longer hinder them!

Because they are creators and powerful! "(Karoline Bruse)


Everything is energy, you, your business, your relationships, your life.

Chakras are vortices of energy that provide you with fresher Life energy

(some call it Prana, others call it Chi). If this vortex is blocked, your life is stressful, your relationships are sluggish, your business is sluggish.


You are unfulfilled.


My name is Karoline Bruse and I will lead you on a path that corresponds to you in depth.


You have already done a lot of personal development, tried out a few techniques and theoretically know how you can achieve more fulfillment in life. But it doesn't really work. This frustrates you and makes you doubt yourself, even though you feel that there is so much more to you!


We work with your energy body and your chakras, so probably very different from what you have tried so far. I look at which places your life energy builds up, you are not well taken care of, maybe even dried up.


And then, then I change that energy.

I give it momentum, the right direction, open the sources.

You can become more courageous, more relaxed, you can deal with difficult situations better, and you listen to your intuition. What a relaxation! Surrender is finally possible!


Since I work via video call, it doesn't matter where in the world you are.

Here you will find my various offers for your personal support, and in my shop you will find my online courses and chakra meditations with which you can help you gain more vitality.


Let's dive into the world of your energy system together and be surprised what treasures it hides for you.

I am looking forward to you! 


Best regards



Karoline Bruse


Chakra up Your Life!
















"Living your own greatness has nothing to do with literally achieving great things on the outside. It's about showing yourself. First and foremost, yourself. And then everything is possible." - Karoline Bruse -






Deeply grateful for these customer voices:



"You took me to a whole new level of self-awareness" (Sabine.S., Berlin)



"I feel charged and at the same time in harmony with myself and the world." (Markus Schmal, Hattingen)



"I can wholeheartedly recommend Karoline's work to you! She is attentive, loving and very competent. Her whole heart and soul flows into her work."

(Narayani Frei, Allgäu)



"I'm really doing really well again. I'm connected to myself again, I'm back with myself and that feels really good. Thank you very much for your great and great work! " Gabriele M. Hochwarter



"What made me book you is that you have this down-to-earth ease. That you 'bring down' esoteric topics and make them seem so natural. That you make difficult topics easy and at the same time deal with them very respectfully."

(Ilka Sventja Jörg)



"Thank you dear Karoline for your wonderful company. I felt as if we were going for a walk in the forest together. We look in the same direction, walk part of the way at eye level with each other. See the beauty of nature and life. I go my way alone and yet you are with me, take my hand when I need it, gently support me with warmth of the heart, empathy and an unbelievable presence. "

(Susanne Große-Venhaus, Düsseldorf) more >>












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Deeply grateful for these customer voices:

“I'm really excited about Karoline's work. Karoline was not only able to grasp my not really tangible problems without judgment, but was also able to effectively resolve them! The confident manner, the relaxed demeanor and the obvious ability helped me to let myself fall completely into her hands. The process itself was incredibly relaxing and the result was a 180 ° turn for me, which now benefits me. I know what to work on, I've broken things up and feel completely grounded! Thank you Karoline for your competent and goal-oriented work! "

Céline Wahrmann - celife.info