I want many people to realize that they are not victims of their lives, that life is not their enemy or anything that has to "go through", but that they feel like the creator. That they recognize that with a mindset and an energy system that strengthens and supports them, they can make massive positive changes to their lives.

Because old patterns, energies from the environment or experiences brought with them from past life no longer hinder them!

Because they are creators and powerful!

I am a wonderful mix of depth and superficiality. I am smart and in heart. Spiritually and subtle very sensitive and can also celebrate great and do stupid things.

Because I've learned to delimit myself very well. If I want to "see", then I "see". If not, then not.

Energy follows attention. Always. I decide.

I don't feel like drama in my life anymore. I've had enough of that. From difficult partnerships to the best relationship of my life. From the bore-out to a fulfilling professional life. From the shadows into the light.

Karoline Bruse, Ich, Chakra

I see people. Chakra colors, ancestors, past life. I recognize and feel what the subject is behind the subject. Fast and very precise.

Goosebumps are often the result of my work, a deep feeling of understanding and of course change, because I balance the energetic system and the chakras and then full vitality is available and old patterns can go very gently.

I can combine depth with ease and a lot of humor, hold spaces, focus and you. I am unbelievably present, that is often mirrored to me.

When I am there for you, I am there.

I bring everything to light and am very grounded in the process.

I am looking forward to leading you into your transformation!


And this is my ode to life:

I love you.

I chose you
At first I was afraid to get involved.
Then I took you. All.

With everything you prepare for me.
With everything you show me
With all pains and all joys.
With all tears and all miracles.

All the countries that I travel to.
In me. In us. In the world.

All the valleys that I cross
With me. With you. In the world.




All the love that I feel
To me. To you. For the world.

I love you.
I chose you
I took you

I trust you.

Thank you for your love.
Thank you for letting me love you.

My life.

Text: Karoline Bruse

A couple of facts:

born 1976 in Bochum

After 42 years in the Ruhr area, 2019 move to Upper Austrian Mühlviertel

Training as an advertising clerk, chakra teaching and energy work according to Roswitha Raupach and Martin Brofman; spiritual life coach; systemic coach (DGfC) and trained by Sabine Asgodom at the LOKC®

Deeply grateful for these customer voices:

“I'm really excited about Karoline's work. Karoline was not only able to grasp my not really tangible problems without judgment, but was also able to effectively resolve them! The confident manner, the relaxed demeanor and the obvious ability helped me to let myself fall completely into her hands. The process itself was incredibly relaxing and the result was a 180 ° turn for me, which now benefits me. I know what to work on, I've broken things up and feel completely grounded! Thank you Karoline for your competent and goal-oriented work! "

Céline Wahrmann - celife.info